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How much do you regret buying your Jetta?

Every week there has been something new that has gone wrong with mine.
With in 2 hours of buying my 2002 VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo it slipped into neutral. 2 months later Iím sitting on the side of the road writing this. A week later the oil light comes on I went to the Volkswagen dealership and asked when and what kind to put in it, they was kind enough to do it for me. With in 24 hrs I had major problems I need d new seals and other things.then after that issue the radiator blew. In the meantime Iím still having you issues with it going into neutral. And then the trunk breaks anybody who walks by can open it thinking thatís an easy fix I go get the part get it put on it works for less than two days the only was to get into the trunk now is through the back seat the emergency lever inside the trunk wonít even release it . I went to get into this piece of óó the other night and it was completely dead.could not figure out what was left on or why it wouldnít start.
Not until much later that day I had forgotten something In the car to find that the seat was extremely hot. The heated seat is still on somehow. No in your own words tell me why you hate your Volkswagen doesnít have to be a Jetta
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