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Huskerjim 10-15-2015 07:59 AM

Mildew Smell in cabin
I think it's coming from AC I smell it in car after its turned off and sitting. When car running AC running not a problem. I think this car has issues with Ac condenser in car is sweating and getting mold on it that smells. I changed filter to no good. Anyone one else have this past problem and have a fix? If yourself fix how and if dealer what was the price of repair. It's embarrassing smell when I take others with me smells like tennis shoes that got wet and medews. Thanks. 2009 TSI 2.0 Turbo Wolfsburg

jhinsc 10-17-2015 07:25 AM

If the smell is coming from mold/mildew on the condenser, trying running the system with the a/c off and turn the heat on full blast. That's the first DIY I would try. That may help dry out the coil and the heat may kill the mold. You may have to do this for about 20 min or so. You also want to make sure your drain lines from the condenser is not plugged up. You can tell if it's plugged or not when running your a/c, you'll see water dripping from underneath the car from the drain line. If the moisture can't drain away from the condenser, then mold/mildew will occur. There are products that you can spray in the air inlet that will kill the mold/mildew, but try this simple DIY first and see if that takes care of the problem. You may already know this too, but in most cases, do not run a/c or heat in recirculation mode. All you do is keep recycling bad air - you need to keep a fresh supply of air coming into the car to avoid odor build-up.

wonderboy 12-01-2015 03:40 AM

The smell definitely comes from a mildew buildup in your a/c's condenser coils.

katbo941 04-10-2019 11:33 AM

Let's not forget the design flaw for the sunroof drains. Mold has been a nightmare, but not deemed a safety issue by Volkswagen.

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