[04-18-2019 10:27 PM] bbbug: how do you ask a question? [04-18-2019 10:25 PM] bbbug: No turn indicator or emergency flasher sound on 2012 beetle [04-09-2019 12:39 PM] Administrator: testing [03-14-2019 06:07 PM] trace: How many posts or how old does the account need to be to post in classifieds? [03-03-2019 12:17 PM] muso58: diesel [03-03-2019 12:11 PM] muso58: 2.5tdi [01-26-2019 04:36 PM] 2008Passat: Hi All, anyone know how to get the inner metal cover off after pulling the door panel? Looks like 3 plastic rivets atop?? [01-17-2019 11:55 PM] 1.8slowkid: Anyone have any knowledge on a 2005 MK4 GTi? [12-22-2018 10:20 AM] ICE: spray for frontdoors [12-08-2018 09:58 PM] User Name: 2016 2.0 engine [12-02-2018 08:57 AM] User Name: tiguan coolant leak [11-25-2018 04:23 AM] Chamacoco: Hello all! [11-10-2018 01:40 PM] User Name: remote start [10-21-2018 07:54 PM] Adam19: Hello [10-21-2018 11:38 AM] User Name: I have just changed on 2003 VW Passat the fuel filter but need to buy replacement fuel line clips as the ones fitted were rusted and broke when pressurised to release. Does anyone know what mm size these clips are as I cant find confirmation of the correct size to replace. Kind Regards [10-17-2018 03:42 AM] User Name: vin [10-17-2018 03:42 AM] User Name: vins [09-27-2018 08:09 PM] iiRandom: I have a 2002 VW Jetta 2.0 that I have for a project tuner. I'd like to put a newer Audi TT engine in (Preferably a V6 3.2 if it'll fit or a 2.0) but it HAS to be a newer one. Which ones would work? Obviously this means replacing the transmission as well. I already know what I'm doing for everything else.... [09-17-2018 10:13 AM] stevedrotos@yahoo.com: 2017 Jetta S - DRL on drivers side not working. Looks like an LED strip of lights, not like 2016 bulb that I see video tutorials on. Can I replace a bulb or is it part of the light assembly? Also, key fob light blinks when buttons pressed but not linked to car. Tried pressing unlock, then key to unlock door, then key to turn on accessory power. This didn't work. Help!!! [09-13-2018 04:08 PM] Jmcm3771@gmail.com: My airbag code keeps coming on. Says right passenger side. Any suggestions? 3 mechanics have said 3 different things.