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  • fukn_dubn_gti ·
    sonthisay55... sounds like you probably fried your ecu or blew a bunch of fuses.
    id start there.

    did u replace your battery after it did?

    and to post in the forums.. you must post in the new member introductions.
    Sonthisay55 ·
    Hey, I have a question if you don't mind. I've been reading threads on this for for quite some time now but I haven't been able to post any. But from reading tons, I see you've got answers to basically all questions! If you don't mind answering mine, it would be greatly appreciated. Question is, I had a wrench fall on my battery and it connected both terminals of my battery (sparks flew everywhere when i tried taking it off) and now my car won't start. Any pointers or tips to fix this? Thanks again, sorry for buggin!
    Edwardiniho ·
    I would just like to say thank you very much for the extremely detailed DIY guide on changing a mk4 radiator. It's the best I have seen on any forum. Off To change mine now :)
    _FUBAR_ ·
    maybe 2.5 in. i used really thick exhaust pipe. it was from a header reducer. so it was like 14 or 16 guage.
    _FUBAR_ ·
    maybe try vintage rubber. they make window moulding for sciroccos as well as other stuff. other than that i would try a junkyard. they are a pain to get off.
    Scirockin ·
    Do you know where I could find those 2 moldings that go on the roof of my rocco? they run the length of the roof on both sides but I can't seem to find them on blackforest, ecs, or parts4vws..i'm the process of asking around vortex didn't know if you knew of any sites that might have them
    Deadlanddub ·
    Hey, if you still make those stubbys, i found out they fit the newer lancer's, if i can buy another one off of you whats your paypal I.D. again? thanks
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