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  • Cnolan117 ·
    Bought my 2007 Passat new back in 07 and have had very few problems. Last week I put the key fob in to start and silence(the engine didnt even try to turn over), but I tried it again immediately and it started. A few days later after about 5 tries the car started( same issue). Went out to the car a little while ago and the car wont start. Dash Lights come on, battery is good, yellow steering wheel light illuminates and flashes. Anyones help is greatly appreciated!
    MaxySam ·
    I am new to this listserv and need guidance as to where to find threads linked to the purchase of a 2014 automatic Passat TDI SEL. Thanks in advance for your guidance.
    Ledge ·
    HELP!!! I had a full service today with my car(VW Polo 1.2 SE 64 2005 model) and the engine have code fault P0301, P0303, P1397, P1635. The mechanic guy said it's the cylinder 1 & 3, and that the radiator's leaking and needs "total replacement" and the other codes as I searched online said the speed or sensor control limit reached and CAN data bus, AC no signal. He's quoting me £310. Was it necessary to replace the radiator instead of sealing it?

    Just had a full service and mechanics eng. advice to replace the radiator immediately, otherwise I should top up the coolant more often until I had it fixed. I noticed some leakage on the road where my car is parked too just after the driving it the night after the full service done. :( :confused:
    Bleilerjeremy ·
    Sry to bother u but was hoping u could help me or might know someone who can give me an answer starts with a 1994 jetta 2.0 engine blew I had a 1.8 16v so I converted it over to the 2.0 fuel injection n sensors now I dont hv any spark out of the coil I hv fuel but no spark didn't change distributor bc sure u know the 1.8 16v distributor is on side of head n runs off the cam now will the hall sensor b dif that it don't work?? Well sry again I bothered u but I could use some help thank u
    Samerhh ·
    Hey db, im new to this site and i couldnt figure out how to post a thread, but u got a question, i bought rims for my 2001 golf and the size of the rims are 225/45/18 what would i need to get the rims to fit on my car, Thanks alot
    jnaplessiano ·
    db, I have a 1997 Jetta GT 2.0, installed stainless exhaust, header etc., did away with cat; air pump; EGR. Motor is tweaked, Wiseco, Manly, etc., still getting trouble codes. Bank 1 and 2 oxygen sensors hooked up. K&N filter (cone style). Codes: PO172; PO411; PO442; P1476 and P1452 (only because air pump relay disconnected when I hooked up computer). How can I bypass some of the sensors? Exactly. And should I send the ECM out to be tweked by the big dogs? Thanks db.
    Chaz8118 ·
    Well after spending 30 mins trying to figure it out I figured I'd ask someone, how exactly do you post a question cause I most certainly can not figure it out.
    Vr6_Dub ·
    what's up guys, i have a 2003 golf Vr6! I was recently hit, and was wondering if any of you have or know anyone that has the bumper and clips that hold it in place for sale? Or have any tips on a cheaper fix, i have the plate that the clips slide into i just dont have the clips...can you buy them seperatly or do you have to buy everything together... any information will help, just looking to get my baby back to 100% my car is a dark grey almost metallic ish..
    TIMz ·
    Hey mate do you think you can take a read of my posts. I really need help as i have just bought a new engine for my car but i want to have it remapped before i put the new engine in whilst i rebuild some parts but will having the car remapped with the old engine in affect the the ECU when i put the new engine in? Please I need help as my partner is losing faith in my project. Cheers
    courty12 ·
    Hi, have 05 Passat 1.8 . Changed egine and trans. Diconnected front calipers in process. Car sat for a month before final assembly. Now have no brake pedal. No back pressure. courty12
    Blakestyle521 ·
    since for some reason i cant seem to create a thread? I decided to write you the most experienced on the site. I'm having an issue with my 2008 jetta wolf edition. its making a weird clicking/blinker sound along with a blow dryer like noise when i turn the key to the on position b4 starting... sound starts and stops after 15 secs of soooo. only comes on b4 start and stops immediately after engine start.. im thinking its the evap purge valve? no CEL's, drives normal...any ideas???
    Clevelandkid ·
    Hello in need of help!

    just replaced the front struts on my girlfriends 1999 jetta gls and the new (quick struts) I put in are sticking up past the strut tower about an inch.everything went in nice but when i lowered the car i noticed the struts sticking up... any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Berzerkerone ·
    So one of my fuses Melted in my 1970 Beetle, The problem, I have no idea. The fuse melted while I was driving, and that leads me to think the wiring was wrong, so I tinkered around trying to clean any wires and putting wires into different spots, (from schematic of course) No luck. I changed the fuse, The lights, Hazards, and everything else works, but the Blinkers do not. I need to get this to work ASAP, Please Help.
    minnowman ·
    G'day db...I just finished doing the rear pads and rotors on my 06 jetta tdi.I am getting big time brake fade,even though I didn't crack any of the lines.Is there something that I can do to fix this problem.It wasn't doing it before.although the drivers side was on metal and the passengers were only 30-40% gone.I'm thinking either a slider or caliper problem...Thanks in advance...Dennis
    The BLK-PLG ·
    duuuudeeee big problem, front left tire is grinding on me, it does not make the sound when im accelerating or deaccelerating please help thank you
    simoncole ·
    hi could you help me my battery was dead and now my electric mirrors when i move it to the left it moves the left one and when i move it to the right it moves the left and right one could you help
    federicow ·
    Hi db, I need to know the equivalence of models of transmissions of the Golf '98, I was told that they were the AMC, but the seller tells me that I need a new clutch disk and I already have the clutch for its especifications... what should I know about the transmission of this model of Golf and wich ones fits? thanks for your time
    The Ging ·
    Hey db just got a question for you if you dont mind racking your brain for me.
    I have an 85 mk2 golf 1.8L 8v cis-e injector system.
    I have been having an issue where my idle is sitting at roughly 2000 rpm with idle screw completely closed and when i hit the throttle it bogs out but does not cut off, i just replaced all hoses and orings relating to fuel system and adjusted the air flow meter plate to oem specs. Also new fuel punp and filter, if you have any ideas as to why it may be doin this could you please take the time to shoot me an email at [email protected] i would very much appreciate the assistance
    Volks33 ·
    I'm looking at a 2004 Volkswagen GTI. Im wondering what would be the best engine in this vehicle i believe there are 3 engines available. Would you know where the engine code is located and what engine would be the one to look for?
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