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  • danchoi123 ·
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    04Golf ·

    I read on a post that you did an AC delete on a Mk4 Golf. I have a 2004 Golf gl and would like to do an ac delete. Can you direct me to any resources or websites you used for reference? If not, would it be possible for you to list the general steps in getting it done?

    Vr6_Dub ·
    I was hoping that someone would be able to help me, i have a problem with my Vr6 Golf. every time i accelerate my car starts to sputter and the check engine light is flashing, when i ran the code it said "cylinder 5 misfire" so i changed the spark plugs. Still the same problem, cleaned my mass air flow sensor. Still having the same problem, could a dirty air filter, or somthing with my cold air intake have somthing to do with this problem???

    Feel free to contact me via email- [email protected]

    Thanks for your time,
    brado ·
    hi there i am new to site and was browsing around when i saw you were offering reading material of a bently manual
    i currentyl have a jetta 4 2003 1.6 which i bought for my daughter which i would like to fix up as it would at the same time keep me busy with some usefull time wasting.
    hope you can help with the material thanks
    ccpmo ·
    Hi there.

    Would appreciate the link to the Bentley manual Mk4 Golf, does it cover the V5 by any chance, i am in the UK with a 2002 model V5 Auto.


    fukn_dubn_gti ·
    like i said man.. my plan is to use it.. i want to make a bracket.. but like i said if i parted with it.. id want 279.99 then.. ur still saving the 80 or whatever it cost on shipping.. its outragous to have it shipped. its obviously not going anywhere.. its just sitting in my garage until i figure out a way to bend a bracket or fab something to make it work
    TyTyVDUB ·
    Brand new is $279 for the mk4...I kinda don't want to spend that much. I was kinda thinking $200 range my car insurance is due this month and that's $1800 for the year so don't really have much to spend
    fukn_dubn_gti ·
    im not sure.. its brand new.. and thats if i would sell it.. im still debating about trying to make a bracket to put it on.. its the diesel geek panzer plate.. i think its 299.99 brand new plus 80 to ship.. id let it go IF i did.. for 300 and youd obviously save the shipping.. its brand new and never put on or run. id have to think about it.
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