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  • Seand1 ·
    I was reading your post with your o2 sensor issue. I have the same issue. I got p0140 replaced it with a den so and then on the second drive cycle it came back, when i monitor it I get a constant .44v and my upstream is erratic.
    My question is how did you solve your problem?
    youngtgt ·
    hey man. thanks for the quick reply. nothing there is really helping me. after 5 mins of running, the coolent bottle is steaming and pouring rad fluid. all the hoses are HOT as hell, my temp light inside the car is going nuts, and my fans only turn on when i turn the a/c on. just changed the thermostat, and there is absolutely no heat inside the car. i am stubbed.. do you think u can help me out?
    tbone00327 ·
    im seriously looking to tweak my 97 jetta but need a lot of technical advice on interchagability and other things of this nature. where or who would be the best to check with
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