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  • yamato123 ·
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    Fr3nch3 ·
    Hey everyone,
    I am in need of some help with information on my 5spd manual mk4 2.8l sohc 12v Jetta. My Cv axle on the driver side has broken off and made a hole in my transmission case. I was wondering is that repairable or should I just get a whole new transmission? I do not know the trans code on my transmission although I have seen the chart for it and the only other transmission that I an get would be another 2.8 correct? I also had. Question abt turning this into a 6 speed manual instead. I am seeing a ton of other transmissions for less than a 5spd. What would be my best option? Thanks in advance
    Takezo369 ·
    I have a 2001 Jetta 2.0 automatic the speedometer needle will begin bouncing when the speed is above 70 mph. The needle will move up and down about 3 MPH. If the cruise control is on, the apparent speed fluctuation will cause the cruise to go crazy, trying to respond to the apparent speed changes. If traffic slows below 70, the bouncing stops. Sometimes it comes back right away above 70, and sometimes it does not. The bouncing or fluctuations do not occur while driving around town. Only when at a constant speed at or above 70 for several miles.
    Canopach ·
    Hello, are you able to help me with my new account setting so I am able to post a new thread?

    Thanks in advance. Kristen
    wildmustang ·
    Hi I have a T reg golf 1.6 automatic
    good battery , spark , fuel and a new crankshaft sensor , yet it will not start .. any ideas where I go next ???? cheers
    vwcabriogal ·
    I need help with my 1998 VW Cabrio. Trying to replace camshaft position sensor but it is located behind engine mount. Can it be replaced without pulling the engine?
    03_uni_b ·
    just joined the forum, can't seem to post anywhere except the introduction section...is there a reason for this?
    Tcaruso ·
    My dauhter has 2000 Golf that will not start when the cabin gets hot in the car (the car has not been running) she clames that she hears a clicking noise coming for the center of the dash I haven't the starter is new, batt. is new,1 time she turn the fan on in the car it started?? might be a coincidence??
    derekz™vr6 ·
    Started having an issue with it couple days ago. Cruising down the highway and went to pass someone and the rpm's jumped up but wasnt acceleralting like it should have. Like the clutch was slipping. Buy now 3 days later its not doing it at all.
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