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  • Mariaabrantes ·

    I have a questionnaire (english and portuguese) and this is part of a research project at the University of Aveiro, Portugal pertaining the “Antecedents and consequents of satisfation in virtual brand communities”. Our purpose is to study the following three brands: BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

    All members of the Volkswagen community can answer.. Just 3minutes!

    Best regards,


    Antecedents and consequents of satisfaction in virtual brand communities ?
    Bombardbauer ·
    theres a bit of body rust. nothing bad. all just surface. i live in pa near pittsburgh. i have some more parts back home. like a new core support the stock grille a 3 row rad and cheap brakes and rotors. plus my rear door panels... never got to put them on haha.. but id sell those too for another 300
    the panels are yours regardless:K:
    Bombardbauer ·
    the engine is no good. it blew a hole in the block. but id sell it without a few things like my system and stuff my exhaust and intake and rims for like 700

    i could pm you so
    groundupjetta ·
    Hey man I remember posting a link from ur turbo build on here when i had my 2.0 mk4 haha i remembered your username from other sites never put two and two together but probs dude

    Ha thats cool, yea I think its been a few years since I have it turbo now. I'm at a point where I want a new engine that I know will take the abuse. This one here is lasting longer then I tought, not bad for a stock 8v
    scrapen ·
    not a prob.

    As you already know we are meeting friday as you've seen on fD! You dont need your dub if its not up to snuff...borrow a car lol.

    I have no problem trying to plan some kind a route. I like some roads just because they have some s-curves and they're all w/in a few mins of each other towards ravenna. I'm sure my friend w/ the mk3 would help out too he knows the roads better than i do lol.
    missioncirca ·
    Hah thanks man, so you sorta first used low grit dry SP then worked up, then went to wet? Towards the end of the summer I used like 2500 grit wet w/ dish soap then tried using 3M Rubbing Compound w/ a cloth and literally nothing happened. If anything things were made worse hah
    stealthpassat ·
    hahah i can only drive it in the summer so itts not a dd haha the dumbass before the person who i got it from slammed a bodykit on it haha but the car was free so im not complaining haha i have about 5grand total to throw down in the motor trans and turbo i might get a shep stage one tranny i have to get some estimates before the build the build might not start till this winter
    kilbsmkIII ·
    nice... a 16g might be a little small considering the work you are doing to the motor (its only good for 300-340hp)... I'd go for a Garett gt35r and a Tial 38mm external wastegate if you have the money because you can run higher boost and it flows a ton more cfm.

    If you are looking for a dd though, 16g is the way to go @ about 20psi. Make sure you get a FMIC and hard pipes! It makes a big difference!
    stealthpassat ·
    its a manual and it has the original started but i tested it and found out its garbage i have 2 other starters at home haha
    but i have a 4g63 nt and after the car gets started im gonna rebuild the motor 3 angle valve job with some wiesco 8:1 pistons and eagle rods then im throwing a evo111 16g im syched i will send you some pics of the build
    kilbsmkIII ·
    hmmm... the dsm harnesses are fucked from the factory, much like our vdubs... I replaced mine last year after it almost caught fire hahaha... the only solution for those shit harnesses is aftermarket rteplacement. I recommend Painless harnesses as I have not had any problems with mine, and it was relatively easy to install with great intructions. As far as the starter goes, when was it last replaced? and is it an automatic or manual tranny? Sometimes repair shops put in the wrong starter, because they are sooo similar, but if its the wrong one, they go bad really fast. When I bought my talon, it had an automatic starter in it, and it was a manual... it went bad in 2 months.
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