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  • danchoi123 ·
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    stealthpassat ·
    Hey cody I have been thinking about making a new forum and keeping it add free and I am trying to gain support of the older members on here you in?
    wmartinhickman ·
    Hey man. I am sorry to be a stranger asking you for help. But, I have seen some of your post and one was very specific to my problem. I an in grad school and just took my account down to $15 in order to fix my 2003 VW Passat 2.8L V6; 15 miles after picking it up my CEL is back on. It says it has random misfires and is running rich. I just replaced the ICM, Spark Plugs, and both Flex Pipes. My wife is having a baby in 2 weeks and our other vehicle is my jeep with no top. She isn't really excited about bringing the baby home in it! ha. If you could just give me some pointers or a place to start I would be very grateful!

    V-DUB DAN ·
    Hey im new to the forum, not to cars. I read your write up on the 1.8t...AWESOME your a freaking genius dude. Question, what is your position on the forge splitter valve?
    Inferno990 ·
    I saw that your rub guards or the things on the side of your car are painted black? Did you paint them or did you buy some? I really like that look.
    90cabriolet98gtimotor ·
    I have a 1990 cabriolet and I bought it off of a guy in town, and he said he put a 1998 golf git motor in it and it has a cold air intake, with a chip. I was wondering if y'all had any idea of an estimate for the hp it could be making? thanks
    BL00DSH0T ·
    Hey thanks for the "read before posting" section. I promise to refer to that before asking Q's that have already been answered. It's very informative since this is the first VW I have ever owned. I'm a little intimidated by German engineering. It's not like fixing my Dodge Ram that's for sure. My '01 bora is in nice shape, but when the little bugs start to show up I cringe a little. So, thank you for being here to share your knowledge and experience.
    Marwin888 ·
    Hey i needed some help in resolving my codes for my 2001 AWW Jetta 1.8t. I currently have 2, p0411 (secondary injection system incorrect flow) and a p0304(cylinder 4 misfire). Im pretty sure the second one has to deal with the coils, which is the cylinder 4 the one farthest to the left right? and the first one I have no idea what that could be. One of my hoses (the s-shaped hose hooked to the pressure regulator valve) is ripped, not entirely but is cracked open. could that have to do with the p0411? I would appreciate it if you would help out, Thanks!
    bluetango ·
    Hey Cody,

    I was wondering if you could direct me to where the Speed Sensor for a VW 2.0L A/T engine is. I have a 2003 Jetta GLS and it's been really difficult to maintain lately.

    Bykerboy869 ·
    Hey i was wondering if you could answer this for me.

    So i was driving home the other day and my windows wouldnt go up to i wsa like ok ill turn the car off and turn it back on and when i tryed that the car didnt start up there was no noise while trying to start it up either like all the lights light up when i first turn the key so i know the car is getting electricity for that and now the windows wont go up and the trunk wont open. the battery isnt bad cuz i recently got it like a month ago and my brother hook up his battery jumper box thing and it showed it had enough juice in the battery. do you have any idea on what it could be? i also checked all the fuses.

    i have a 1999 VW Jetta GLS VR6 by the way.
    captain cook ·
    Is a 2002 Passat wagon worth $2000 ? with an engine that was run low on oil and now still runs but the stop engine light comes on and it will blow smoke after 2000rpm. Is the turbo the cause of the smoke? Low oil pressure says the mechanic also, and maybe the rings are toast he said..What does anyone think?
    TTTurbo1.8T ·
    Usually when you upgrade cams in order to see the full potential out of the upgrade you'll need software that uses them appropriately.
    ToneDeaf ·
    hey i was wondering if you could help me out real quick. I was over at vwvortex and someone is selling a set of Cat 266 cams (not regrinds) with ~5k on them. Perfect shape w/ original box.

    Matched EIP stage 3 chip tuned for these specific cams. ECU can be had for an additional $80. Now my question is, do i need the ECU? I really don't know jack shit about this stuff as im still young, 18. Is this all I need for his chip to function with the cams the way he had the chip tuned?

    BTW, heres the link: VWvortex Forums: VR6 12V: Cat 266 Cams & Matched EIP stage 3 chip

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