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  1. Electrical problem?

    New Beetle
    You mention that you need to get a new door lock. It's pretty common for the door latch to fail on these cars and it causes some funky issues. If it's the latch that's bad, replace it and your other issues may go away.
  2. VW scIROCco Concept

    Looks like it may break the $40K mark, and I want one, so if anyone is interested in a slightly abused lung or two....
  3. Used Phaeton - What do I need to know?

    I see a lot of Phaeton's in the 90-96k mileage range and you'll find a lot of S8's in the same range. They won't tell you that right after you buy the car, you better be ready to add several grand to maintenance they aren't going to do. Anything like tha
  4. 2010 WolfsBurg Turbo

    Jetta 2.0T myself, what kind of tuning is this, and who does it?
  5. HELIX Smoked Angel Eye Projector Headlights MK5 Jetta Rabbit

    I've seen a lot of these types of things on ebay. Anyone know a good way to gauge the quality of these? 279 seems like it's too good to be a true or too good to be a quality item if you subscribe to the "you get what you pay for" mantra.
  6. Engine Temperature + thermostat issues (LOTS OF CONTENT)

    Nope not necessary at all. a 87 degree celcius one is just fine for all temperatures. Its the standard temperature one. I use it from -40C to +35C and no problems. Plus its a pain the ass to swap out each season.
  7. would it fit?

    I think so happen to have one for sale too with everything you need. I have made one fit before so I am sure others can do it too.
  8. 1982 vw rabbit.. oil leak.. driving me insane

    yep.. cleaned the pan surface.. new gasket.. new oil drain plug o ring.. once again.. leaking again.. checked pan for warped edge along motor.. everything seems straight.. put heli coil to fix old drain pan... put that on with another new gasket last night.. and that leaked.. grrrr..