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  1. Which colleges should I apply for?

    The Xtras
    hey TTTurbo do u go to UW Platteville?
  2. Which colleges should I apply for?

    The Xtras
    University of Wisconsin has a great business school if your thinking of business.
  3. So I JUST bought a PS3

    The Xtras
    nice. ive been rockin battlefield at the moment
  4. So I JUST bought a PS3

    The Xtras
    So after having back surgery and being forced to stay in bed for most of my day i was required to buy something to keep me occupied. That something turned out to be a PS3; however, I dont have to many friends that own one. So if u own a ps3 and play online, throw me ur ID so we could do some...
  5. Halloween '09?

    The Xtras
    make sure you drop some acid :)
  6. Halloween '09?

    The Xtras
    go for the "green man" from its always sunny in phili
  7. Wow

    vehicle maltreatment todays term: vehicle maltreatment - to treat or handle a car badly, cruelly, or roughly by making a car look like an epic fail. mynameisgil= epic fail "keep the volume on 10 boys"
  8. need some help

    haha my shitty day just turned fantastic4 thx TT
  9. Jetta slipping in automatic

    yea and it sucks cause when u r stopped on a steep hill and you accellerate just a little bit i cant help but get a little tire squeel.....pain
  10. I Have To Say This Site Sucks

    yea man i have to agree...this is for sure one of the best vw forums out there today. ive been a member on vwvortex for a very long time and that site is just filled with assholes. i can say im proud to be a member here. BBORICH "ambitious but rubbish"
  11. New Jetta SEL AUX Input don't work!

    my guess is yes.... in my car when u have the aux cable plugged in it just says aux on the dash. u should only have to press the cd button once for it to transfer from cd's to ur ipod. u cud make sure that the volume on ur ipod is all the way up or it could possibly be the aux cord that u have...
  12. TSI (2009) Chip Upgrade

  13. Random finds

    The Xtras
    dont know wat this is....but it makes me laugh :)
  14. wtf alabama

    The Xtras
    Someone please tell me whats up in alabama. here on a roadtrip for a week. so people from alabama hit me back and bring the party.
  15. Exhaust Brand Help

    can anyone recommend a good exhaust system for an 08 Jetta. So far im looking at APR. any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
  16. Just some pics of the R I D E!!!

    nice not a big fan of the whole yellow/green body and rims;however, by the condition of your car i cant not give you respect. excellent work! *note the double negative*
  17. Scary Story

    The Xtras
    Kind of sounds like rape. Haha
  18. 07-Up VW Parts

    some good sites that I found with some of the more recent VW models. WoodView Automotive Accessories | WoodView.com :: 360 Tuners :: Buy Aftermarket Auto Tuning Parts & Accessoires Welcome to TM Tuning - your # 1 source for VW & Audi OEM and aftermarket parts Cold Air Intake, Body Kits, Turbo...
  19. Wallpaper

    The Xtras
    excellent find
1-20 of 44 Results