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Where does the name of the vehicle from? Quite unconventional, right? Well, we asked the dealer for a Blue Colour 4 Motion 2018 Tiguan. He said "we have one like that right here on the lot". From then on we concentrated on figures and financing. A few days later we got the vehicle with Cilajet paint protection, hood wrap to protect from stone chips and extended insurance. Drove home happily. A day later we realized that they got us into a vehicle without 4 Motion. Talked to the dealer, no luck. Too late, it is a used car now. So much for blindly trusting the dealer, Dalmar Motors from London, Ontario. They acknowledged that they made a mistake since on the original questionnaire our request for 4 Motion was clearly indicated. The price difference would have been $2250.00 between a 4 Motion and the one we got. We would have gladly paid for the difference except that the dealer wanted to get about $5,000.00 to cover their "costs". Well, who screwed who? Yes, we were idiots by not cross checking what they got us into right on the lot before driving away. Just that one with good faith would not have expected that the dear dealer goofed up and sold us the wrong car. So here we are, we own a screwed up VW Tiguan. Looks good, just that it is not what we wanted and asked for. As of the price? Given all the taxes, levies, handling fees and other extra costs we did not realize that it should have been $2,250.00 more. It was a huge sum as it was so the price did not alarm us. We shall avoid this dealer by a hundred mile in the future, feel betrayed and feel that they lack the gumption of proper ethical conduct. We informed VW Canada, they are nice people but cannot do anything other than saying sorry. We also send our story to Wolfsburg so that they can learn how a Canadian dealer is working for "customer satisfaction". They may improve on their global training and incorporate business ethics into the class for the future.
2018 Volkswagen Tiguan (Blue)


Same as above.
Cannot even look at it any more without seeing a greedy car sales manager justifying their lack of proper conduct.



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