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02 sensor

  1. 01 VR6 - P0420 - cat or 02?

    I've been searching and reading the posts. Some people seem to think that replacing the cat is the fix, while others say that replacing the 02 sensors is the fix. Is there a way to tell for sure without just replacing parts to see what works. Don't wanna spend a lot of money if I don't have...
  2. 2003 GLI VR6 Problem (Please help)

    Hello fellow VW fans, I have a fun little 2003 VW Jetta GLI VR6 with 78k miles on it. Within the last 6 months, i changed spark plugs and replaced with factory replacement Autolites. I noticed when changing the plugs that one of the COP's (Coil on Plug) was really corroded but i had no CEL so i...