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  1. MK5
    Hey Just bought myself a 2007 Golf 1.4TSI 140hp with 180.000km on the clock. Last year the engine was rebuilt after timing chain failure. Everything is new/rebuilt, pistons, top, turbo, injektors, coils.. and more. I got the car cheap cause it wouldnt go as i should. I got the turbo regulator...
  2. MK6
    Hello everyone! I have a problem with my Golf Mk6 1.4 TSI CAXA. During my last service interval, I asked the service center to look at what could be wrong with my engine as it was stuttering on low rpm-s. It turns out that compression on one cylinder is very low, something like 8.3 bar while...
  3. Polo
    Hi Guys, was driving my car this morning and 3 warning lights came on at the same time. the warning lights are EPC, Flat Tyre and traction control light. The traction control light that came on was in the speedo clock area and not in the rpm clock area telling you that it is switched off. Pulled...
1-3 of 3 Results