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  1. 03 Passat 1.8T cranks dosnt start

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Selling my 03 Passat 1.8T. Only code is timeing advanced. It was running fine then all of a sudden driving it 35mph making a turn and it shut off. No noises or anything clear as day on what could of caused it. Its in very good condition, leather seats, power seats, power windows, sunroof, fairly...
  2. MK4 GTI VR6 parts, and 1.8 parts

    For Sale - Parts
    MAKE ME AN OFFER ON THESE!!!! i have a stock dual mass flywheel and pressure plate for an mk4 vr6 24v. im not sure what other car is compatible. they are in perfect shape. flywheel $250obo and pressure plate $250 obo. if you want both $400 obo any questions please hit me up anytime...
  3. HELP!!! 02 GTI transmission problem

    I have an 02 GTI with and automatic transmission. When i start the car, and put it in drive it doesnt shift into second gear right away. If i ride around for a few minutes, and keep accelerating lightly and stopping it finally shifts in gear. But after that it shifts fine all day. It only...
  4. Dealership said the ECM was fried

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 02 GTI. I was replacing one of the coil pack connector, and when I finished the car wouldnt start. It cranks just fine but wont turn over. I took it to VW and they said I friend my ECM. Is it possible that I might have wired the connector wrong? Or is it possible that one of the bare...