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  1. Could use some knowledge

    I recently saw a red, two door hatch, mk2 vw golf gti 16v sitting on a car lot. I was wondering what years of mk2 gti's they put 16v engines in? Also, I was wondering how much this gti would sell for, it's in good-excellent condition with idk how many miles, we'll just go with 150,000. Any help...
  2. -Sacramento,ca-MK2 Jetta gl 1.8sohc california ed. grn 4dr

    For Sale - Vehicles
    -!!!NEW PICS!!!Sacramento,ca-MK2 Jetta gl 1.8sohc california ed. grn 4dr I have up for sale a 1991 jetta GL. it is a 1.8 sohc, has 213xxx, replaced head gasket, had the head polished.replaced all upper seals and cpl pulleys,and belts at the time of the head gasket replacement few months back...