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1.8t jetta

  1. 1.8t motor issues

    Was out cruising and did a pull in my 2004 Jetta gli 1.8t Now I’m peaking at 10 psi (22 normally ) plus it’s slow as dog shit And I checked my oil and there was some yellow plastic or some yellow shavings in my oil any ideas on what this would be from ? Blown gasket or something
  2. Need help with My 2000 Jetta

    New Member Introductions
    1.My cars alarm wont stop going off so i unplugged the alarm 2.every time i turn on my lights or use the dimmer switch for my lights it pops the trunk 3.when i bought the car the radio harness was messed with so now i don't know how to hook a radio up to it so could some get a easy to read...
  3. upgrades i should consider ?

    Im new to the forum i have been searching for a forum for quite some time lol. but i currently own a mk4 1.8t jetta. so far i have added a cai, 3inch straight pipe , a tune (15-17 psi) and a upgraded hybrid bov.most of the work i have done on the car is regular maintenance like brakes and oil...
  4. 03 jetta 1.8t help with engine codes

    Hey guys, Not sure if anyone has experience with this so I bought a 03 jetta 1.8t my buddy told me need to do the timing belt to be safe got it done ran and drove fine before and after it had a over retarded timing code but went away never came back only code that would keep coming back was the...
  5. P0420 & After-market CATs

    Hello, I have a 2002 VW Jetta Wagon 1.8T (111,000 miles). Recently, I 've been getting the P0420 code and nothing else. If I clear it, it comes back in a couple of days (~100 miles). Previously I had several bad (recalled) ignition coils. My mechanic figures that unburnt fuel got...
  6. 2001 Jetta 1.8t half moon cam seal help!

    I need to replace the half moon cam seal on the back of the engine (right side). I know about getting the valve cover off and all the basic stuff. I've watched some not very good videos on you tube. I'm looking for a good video on this if anyone knows of a good one. Please answer thes questions...
  7. Big shock on shifting, 1.8T Auto

    Can you tell me what's wrong? 2004.5(Mk IV) Jetta GLI, 1.8T, Automatic, 70K+ miles Suddenly, big shock for shifting up. But after restart the engine, it works just fine. This transmission was replaced at 49K miles for similar problem at VW dealer. It was fortunate that I still had a new car...
  8. 2000 1.8T Jetta - check coolant light

    I have a 2000 1.8T Jetta and all of a sudden (about 5 days ago) while I was driving it, the temperature went right up in a matter of minutes and the check coolant light started flashing. My dad and I took a look at it and replaced the thermostat. Thinking that since it wasn't leaking any...