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  1. Air-cooled
    Hello, I've recently bought a 1971 Super Beetle. It'll need some work but its gonna be worth it. One of the problems is that both of the seats do not move at all. Not one centimeter. They appear appear to be seized or something like that, but I cant find the problem. Any tips and how to get them...
  2. Air-cooled
    hey, i wanted to find ways to make the car lighter. could someone give me tips in what i could do?
  3. For Sale - Parts
    ==Note==Photos In Gallery Under 1971 VW Variant== I am offering for sale a 1971 VW Variant Deck Lift (front hood) for sale. Included is the Original Chrome VW Emblem, Deck lift Latch and Rubber Stoppers on the inside of the Front of the Deck Lift. The Deck Lift is in very good condition with...
1-3 of 3 Results