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  1. Help 1998 VW Golf GL front engine mount

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi I recently had to change over my starter on my vw golf. After removing the bolts and old starter (plus some other bits and pieces) I found that the bracket for front engine mount had either shifted up due to lack of weight maybe) Or engine has dropped. I tried running a jack under to see if...
  2. 1998 Jetta...complete mystery, ANY info helpful

    Let me start with a quick rundown of how i came into this Jetta. 1998 Jetta 2.0, 5spd, 175k At some point in 2012 a guy put this 1998 Jetta into pawn. Not a sale...an actual pawn. The guy then went on to make payments for nearly a year, then defaulted...bye bye car. The pawnshop owner was...
  3. 98 golf gl help

    i have a 98 golf gl with the 2.0 in it and wondering if it can be turboed and what i can do for more power and looks plus will honda rims work on it they are the same size just difrent type of lugs?
  4. 98' golf with 2.0 catch can.

    is there any benefits for me to get on on my vehicle? im just curious on what people think and i can never find anything online. thanks for the read and if possible maybe send me a link where to get one or how to make them. thanks.
  5. 1998 Golf engine is kaput - sell or fix?

    I bought this car in 2005 w 53k miles on it - the car is perfect and has always been - in all my years of ownership only one flat tire, one oil leak and one replaced starter - I had some ignition troubles which I thought would be the end of the car - but we put push to start in it - and I've...
  6. 98 jetta VR6 oil pressure switches

    I have a 1998 Jetta vr6. recently the low oil pressure ringer has been going off even though i do not believe that my oil pump has gone bad because none of the other tell tell signs of low oil pressure have happened and when the engine warms up the oil ringer goes away. i am trying to replace...
  7. MKIII Cabrio (Great Project Car)

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I have for sale a 1998 2.0L Cabby GLS. She's red w/ a black top, and 99,800miles. I recently put new tires on her, and changed out that pesky ignition switch. I've got most of the bugs worked out of her, but I can't afford to keep her as I'm about to be laid off. :( (bummer) Anyway, I'm not...
  8. 1998 Passat Armrest Replacement troubles

    Okay so I'm new here and i have a question. I recently bought a used 1998 Passat. Well the front center armrest was broken so I purchased a new one (its the entire armrest with mount) online, trouble is it came with no instructions. I've been searching all over the net trying to figure it out...
  9. 98 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition Turbo Question

    I'm starting to build up my car from scratch and I was wondering which turbo would be the best to place inside my car. At some point soon I will be replacing my internals but I would like to know what turbo would be the best to place in my car?