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2.0 8v

  1. 98 mk3 jetta engine swap

    Alright I have a 98 mk3 jetta with a 2.0 4cylinder and a 5spd manual trans. If i remember right there where some 98 jettas or 97 jettas that where sold with a 6cylinder 2.8 motor. I work at a used car lot so I get major discounts on labor and some on parts depending. I wanted to know if it was...
  2. turbo a stock 2.0L

    so i have a friend that thinks you can turbo a stock 2.0L 8V and basically just bolt it on and it will work... meaning no fuel injection upgrades, engine component upgrades or computer remapping. he thinks i can change the exhaust and hook up a turbo and the stock computer will take care of...
  3. New member 96/98 jetta 2.0 aba

    My buddie had a low mile 2.0 motor from a 98 so I whent and got a strait bodied 96 gl with a blown cylender and did a swap. Now that it's rollng I'm stating to think of mods for it. Just wondering if it's worth my time money blood sweat and tears. Starting with the tint, sound system and I...
  4. Turbo for a 2.0L 8v?

    hello, i bought my 94 Golf GTI about a year ago and have been restoing it for a while. i finally got it on the road and drivable. now i want toys. so first question, does anyone know if there is a way to rip a turbo off a TDI and install it on my car? if so what do i need to rip off it? if u...