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  1. Turbo install

    Eastern US
    what is the best economical fuel management system to put into my 95 2.0 with a t4 turbo?
  2. MKIII golf 2.0

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone have received help on multiple occasions and now am back again for your wisdom. Im working on a 96 golf with the 2.0 litter engine. Just did a top end rebuild on it and now for some reason it wont start, The starter just clicks. put a brand new starter in and still the same thing...
  3. Exhaust for VW Jetta 2.0

    So my resonator is completely rotted out and my muffler is apparently gone too, according to my ex-mechanic. At this point, what I WANT to do is have someone weld on one of those magnaflow mufflers and some pipe/another magnaflow where the res is because they cost very little on amazon.ca...
  4. 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Comfortline

    For Sale - Vehicles
    One owner, local vehicle, great condition. Regularly serviced, all receipts available. Kept in great condition. 5 speed manual, FWD, 4 door, gasoline. 28,250km. Open to reasonable offers. Includes Air conditioning Alarm Alloy wheels Bluetooth Entertainment Package Heated mirrors Heated...
  5. 1997 Jetta GLS Turbo

    Well I just happened to find this German turbocharger laying around my house, and was wondering if it would fit on a 1997 Jetta GLS 2.0L 8v engine? Just curious! I believe it's used on 1.8T, but I'm not too sure. It says it's a K03 from the model number on it. What do you guys think about...
  6. crank no start

    Nedeas I am not a mechanic, so that said I will do my best to describe my issues. I have a 93 Jetta with a 2.0.the car has been sitting for 5 years. I flush the fluids and tried to fire it but no success. I am getting no spark at the plugs. I have no ground signal coming from the computer to...
  7. 2003 VW Golf OBD2 Code

    Got a 03' Golf GL 2.0 5 SPD Last night my EPC Sensor and Check Engine light came on out of no where, but my car didn't shut off. I got it scanned and got PO321. The Check engine and EPC lights came off and no longer show up but the Code is there. Nothing eratic has happened when driving my...
  8. Mk3 Golf Stock and Performance Parts

    For Sale - Parts
    I've got a few performance parts for a 1995 VW Golf 2.0 ABA engine. I have a brand new Magnaflow exhaust, brand new H&R cup kit suspension system, slightly used ECS drilled and slotted discs, and slightly used racing front pads (still 99% of their life left). I also have the stock alloy wheels...
  9. 98' golf with 2.0 catch can.

    is there any benefits for me to get on on my vehicle? im just curious on what people think and i can never find anything online. thanks for the read and if possible maybe send me a link where to get one or how to make them. thanks.
  10. ABS Light, Air Bag Light, Correlation?

    Howdy. About 1 month ago I posted about my ABS light being on as well as my Air Bag Light. Needless to say I knew I needed to change my brakes. I did so last night, and with hope that this would solve 1 or 2 of the issues, they both still persist. I even disconnected the negative battery...
  11. 2.0 Intake?

    What is the best intake for a 2.0, I've been looking at an Injen but is there any euro one that is better? And it doesn't need to be US legal.
  12. AVH - timing belt could easily slide off - Normal?

    My little sister's '02 Golf automatic with 2.0 gas AVH engine died on the road. Scan code said camshaft position sensor. I bought one and went to install it just now. I only work on Jaguars/MGs so I've never had to deal with a timing belt. The timing belt is very loose. I could have...
  13. 08 Rabbit swap?

    My friend has an 08 rabbit and was thinking about swapping the 2.5L 5 cyl motor for the gti 2.0t engine. Is this a good idea, and would it work?
  14. For Sale: BFI ABA Chip

    For Sale - Parts
    I have a chip from Black Forest Industries that I no longer use. Its for an OBDII ABA and makes good power. Would like to get $150 picked up or $155 shipped. Thanks!
  15. goin to try to port match my heads

    alright guys i have heard lot about port matching heads i have a donor car that has the same 8v head as my car. So my question is what would be the best way to do it ,should i get a dremel, i have seen it done with a air drill, i have also seen it done with a regular drill also i have seen a...
  16. New member 96/98 jetta 2.0 aba

    My buddie had a low mile 2.0 motor from a 98 so I whent and got a strait bodied 96 gl with a blown cylender and did a swap. Now that it's rollng I'm stating to think of mods for it. Just wondering if it's worth my time money blood sweat and tears. Starting with the tint, sound system and I...