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2000 jetta

  1. Need help with My 2000 Jetta

    New Member Introductions
    1.My cars alarm wont stop going off so i unplugged the alarm 2.every time i turn on my lights or use the dimmer switch for my lights it pops the trunk 3.when i bought the car the radio harness was messed with so now i don't know how to hook a radio up to it so could some get a easy to read...
  2. Mk4 Keyless remote programming

    I got two new keys cut (another story and post!) and programmed the remotes very easily using the instructions in the Owner's manual (3.1 pg. 37). I have a 2000 Jetta. Here is a summary of the instructions: You will need two cut keys (one remote already programmed in the ignition and another...
  3. Need help !! Engine light and glow plug problem

    My 2000 jetta tdi has the check engine light and is stck in limp mode. It is starting to start a little harder and also my glow plugs don't come on when I turn key on and I have to cycle the key over and over until it fires or sometimes it doesn't start at all for a while. Is it the glow plugs...
  4. I think i turned my engine into a paperweight (or maybe a doorstop) :(

    I'll start by introducing myself, My name is james and I am a car stereo installer by trade. I have been doing it for 10 years and sent cars to sema and ces, so if you have any stereo questions, feel free to shoot them my way. But on with the story, I was driving my wife's 2000 2.slow jetta...
  5. Timing Belt

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 2000 Jetta GLS 1.8 Liter. I can get it cheap but it needs a timing belt and is at this point undrivable. My friend is a car guy and says he can change it for me for free but he wants to know if it is an "Interface Motor"? I don't really know what that means so I...