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  1. Stumped by electrical issue

    Hi all, All of a sudden all of my interior lights have failed to work either by switch or by having a door open. They all come on when I release the hatch though. I can't quite figure it out. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. 2000 GTI GLX - Looking for the right coils

    Hello VW Forum: I've been searching around for some coil overs for my ride. I'm pretty new to the VW community, I've been driving my 2000 GTI (VR6) for about 3 months now and its time to lower it. I've seen the brands Raceland, JOM, Eibach and a few others and just cant make sense between what...
  3. please help my 2000 passat 1.8T cant start.

    hi i have 2000 passat 1.8T that i can not start. car was sitting for a month... i had to replace all control arms... than after i tryed to start it it does not wanna run. the battery died i had it chared at the auto zone. it cranks fine... i cant hear fuel pump work, i can not turn on my radio...