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  1. 2002 GTI VR6 Power Dump at 3k RPM

    My 2002 VW GTI VR6 started running a little rough before it was warmed up. Recently the "EPC" light has come on intermittently. Now I can't go over 2500-3000 rmp without total loss of power. Any Ideas? Suggestions? I've done a little reading is it my coil pack? Should I not be driving the car?
  2. Golf TDI transmission busted

    Hello everyone! The 01M transmission in my 02' golf TDI is busted for the second time. At first around 110,000 miles the transmission started slipping (revs building but no acceleration while moving) when driving on hot days. Then eventually the car started to jump forward every time I...
  3. Golf Startup issue

    The story of my car - It is a 2002 VW Golf GTI 2.0 4-door with about 100,000 miles. I purchased this car about a year ago. The instrument panel is bad in that the speedometer (and the resulting odometer) does not work, I drive using the tachometer and GPS just fine so I don't speed. The...