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  1. Passat
    Hi - trying to help my dad with his Passat. His power door locks were working fine. He took his car into a mechanic to fix something unrelated and when he got it back, suddenly the power door locks (all 4) would not work. The key fobs seem fine. They still work for the trunk. The light on them...
  2. Passat
    Really need some guidance. Found a 2007 VW Passat engine and I’m wondering if I can swap it into my 2006 Passat. Is everything the same? What do I need to look out for. Help
  3. MK5
    Hi, I have Jetta 2006. Few weeks ago I took it to a waching room they washed the engin. After I checked the engin compartment. I found some missing cover of something like air intake. Please if anyone can help me detecting this part. including part name and part number. Regards...
  4. MK5
    I live up in a colder part of the Canadia and just purchased a 2006 Jetta 2.5 a few months back. I may have made a grievous error. Up until a couple weeks ago I had had heated underground parking, but now I'm stuck outside for the rest of the winter. The other night I checked the weather and it...
  5. MK5
    Hi all, I have 2006 VW Bora/Jetta 2.0T, bought it in Mexico then moved to Dominican Republic. This car came equiped with a 2.0T BWA engine. The car now has a defective ECU/ECM (P0601) and I am trying to get it in the US for price/time reasons. Do any of you know if VW offers the 2.0T BWA...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    This is a CoverKing "StormProof" custom cover in Black for 2006 & 2006 6th Gen Passat Sedan. I bought this for my Passat that I leased for 3 years. I returned the car to the dealer, so I'm selling the cover. CoverKing makes several models with different fabrics. StormProof is great because it...
1-6 of 6 Results