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  1. 06 Jetta Block Heater

    I live up in a colder part of the Canadia and just purchased a 2006 Jetta 2.5 a few months back. I may have made a grievous error. Up until a couple weeks ago I had had heated underground parking, but now I'm stuck outside for the rest of the winter. The other night I checked the weather and it...
  2. 2006 2.0t bwa engine

    Hi all, I have 2006 VW Bora/Jetta 2.0T, bought it in Mexico then moved to Dominican Republic. This car came equiped with a 2.0T BWA engine. The car now has a defective ECU/ECM (P0601) and I am trying to get it in the US for price/time reasons. Do any of you know if VW offers the 2.0T BWA...
  3. FS: Custom Cover for 2006 Passat

    For Sale - Parts
    This is a CoverKing "StormProof" custom cover in Black for 2006 & 2006 6th Gen Passat Sedan. I bought this for my Passat that I leased for 3 years. I returned the car to the dealer, so I'm selling the cover. CoverKing makes several models with different fabrics. StormProof is great because it...