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  1. Passat
    A friend has asked me to replace the driver's door on his 2007 Passat. He has a problem where he can't open the door from the inside, so to exit the car he has to wind down the window and open the door using the external handle. He has a spare door he wants to just straight swap on to it. I...
  2. Polo
    In sweden I dont think cars are delivered with always on 12v outlet. I have never encountered it in any car before. Seen several posts with owners in others countries were the cars has this feature enabled. I have read that it might be possible to rewire the my polo 2007 to have this enabled...
  3. Passat
    Hi guys . My car started to show an issue soon after a "bad" diesel filter and oil change . Meaning that the pump got some air in it and it was really difficult to turn it on. The problem comes and goes sometimes and is like this : car starts for about 4-5 min dhe start loosing power on the...
  4. MK5
    Had my golfmk5 1.9tdi pd105 for a few years. Has been mapped stage 1. Been stood for just about a year. I believe water has gone down my fuse box and onto my obd socket (white erosion).It would start and cut off after a second as if it was the immobiliser. Now not starting what so ever but...
  5. Passat
    Really need some guidance. Found a 2007 VW Passat engine and I’m wondering if I can swap it into my 2006 Passat. Is everything the same? What do I need to look out for. Help
  6. Canada
    Hi guys, I've read all Canadian vehicles come with a block heater. Sadly my golf is frozen with the Ontario deep freeze and wondering where I can find the plug. Any suggestions? :nerd: Made my introduction, read rules but still can't post in MK5 forum.:crying:
  7. For Sale - Vehicles
    Hello all! Selling our 2007 Jetta GLI in the Toronto area. Odometer reading is 209,000km, asking for $6500, OBO. Local buyers only. Car is in great condition, and has been certified for emissions in April of 2016. Car was well serviced and maintained, all records of maintenance are...
  8. MK5
    Hi! I'm a recent convert to Volkswagen and I really don't know much about them. I have researched this issue a couple times on the internet and haven't been able to narrow it down to anything at all… I should probably mention that I live in Canada as well so this model of Golf has "City" tagged...
  9. EOS
    Hello VW Enthusiast, David O. Brown Atlanta, Georgia Recently bought 2007 VW Eos 2.0T - Island Grey Metallic - 114K Miles. Acquired at an Auto Auction for a steal. All maintenance records from 67K+ are current. A few questions I'd love some feedback: -I need floor mats, where should I look...
  10. MK5
    My Girlfrined has an 07 Jetta Wolfsburg and she wants to make it more fun to drive.. I cant seem to find any parts for it. I think it has the 5cyl motor in it, but im not sure. I'm going to REVO my GTi and I'm sure that she's going to want it done as well. Any ideas?
  11. For Sale - Vehicles
    I am trying to sell my 2007 VW Rabbit coupe Complete Virgin no mods ever done. I am looking for 9,700 obo for it. I need to get rid of it, i need more space for me and my family and my 2dr car is no longer cutting it. This car is in great running shape and has been kept up on all oil changes and...
1-11 of 11 Results