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  1. Elusive brake booster tool

    My 2004 Jetta has a major vacuum leak from the brake booster. The tool to remove it is about $60 on Amazon so I was wondering if anyone had the tool and could give me some measurements so I can make my own.
  2. Overpriced MK3? Would you buy?

    It's been a while since i posted here. Haha~ I was just browsing around the Craigslist a few weeks ago and I saw a 1998 mk3 for almost 7000 dollars at 55,000-ish miles from some dealer. It was a completely stock 2.0L. Granted, it was very clean and looked like it was fresh off the assembly...
  3. wiring

    i have a 97 golf 2.0 and i want to rewire the whole car. if you could tell me what i need and where to get it. or if it'll be better to just take it to a shop
  4. turbo a stock 2.0L

    so i have a friend that thinks you can turbo a stock 2.0L 8V and basically just bolt it on and it will work... meaning no fuel injection upgrades, engine component upgrades or computer remapping. he thinks i can change the exhaust and hook up a turbo and the stock computer will take care of...
  5. Need a Volk's Pro..

    Got on a Forum in my Place but nobody did answer a word.. So Here.. Got a 1991 GTI Mk2 ! Has a Swapped 2.0L from an Mk4 Jetta, got Mk4 Motor and Tranny ! Here's my Problem.. Got a Manual Transmission from a Mk4 using normally an Electronic Speedometer and the Current car has the Stock Cluster...