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  1. Oil leak

    I have a 2009 Jetta 2.0t TSI. I recently had a stage 2 ecs tuning clutch installed along with the rear main seal. I replaced those about 1000 miles ago. I now have a bad oil leak from what looks like the same location but I don't know how it could be the RMS if I just replaced it. Please help ?
  2. 2006 2.0t bwa engine

    Hi all, I have 2006 VW Bora/Jetta 2.0T, bought it in Mexico then moved to Dominican Republic. This car came equiped with a 2.0T BWA engine. The car now has a defective ECU/ECM (P0601) and I am trying to get it in the US for price/time reasons. Do any of you know if VW offers the 2.0T BWA...
  3. Want to find someplace to tune my GTI in Michigan

    I would like to tune up my '06 VW GTI 2.0T. But I need some help finding out a good tuning shop to maybe purchase a turbo kit upgrade and also get it properly tuned. So if anybody knows of a good shop around the Michigan area please help out a fellow VW enthusiast. Thnx a lot.