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  1. 06 Jetta 2.5 Auto to Manual Tranny Swap

    Got a great deal on an 06 jetta 2.5 a few years back and love it. Only problem i have is the tranny; its automatic. Has anyone ever done/seen/heard of being able to swap a 6 speed manual in there? thanks
  2. New gOlF

    i picked up a new golf yesterday. jumping from my mkiv gti to a mkvi golf 2.5 is nice. but i do miss my 4 so bad =/ to come by spring (hopefully) scirroco wheels and h&r springs the new (cell phone pic i promise more) [/IMG] the old [/IMG]
  3. 08 Rabbit swap?

    My friend has an 08 rabbit and was thinking about swapping the 2.5L 5 cyl motor for the gti 2.0t engine. Is this a good idea, and would it work?
  4. i want rims for my 06 jetta 2.5!?!

  5. light-weight pulley question

    I was looking into having a light-weight pulley kit put on my 06 Jetta 2.5.. I was looking at the ones on ecstuning.com. (ES#260033) Does anyone know if these make that much of a difference in power or performance? Thanks
  6. Funky smell after drive...

    After driving short or long distances, i have a weird smell from both the front and rear of my 06 Jetta 2.5... Im not able to point out exactly what the smell is, but i dont think it is right.. I was going to take it into the mechanic to have it looked at but im not evben sure where i should...