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  1. Fuel filter move to engine bay

    Hey everyone, I recently saw an old mk.1 and noticed the fuel filter actively pulsing the fuel in the engine bay! I know it is somewhere under the control arm in our mk.4. im creating this thread to see if anyone has experience in bringing that fuel filter up to the top of the bay maybe around...
  2. ARP head bolts for the 2.8 24v vr6 mk4

    The r32 bolts are 10mm longer than the 2.8 bolts and i cant seem to find them anywhere anybody know where i could get them
  3. 98 mk3 jetta engine swap

    Alright I have a 98 mk3 jetta with a 2.0 4cylinder and a 5spd manual trans. If i remember right there where some 98 jettas or 97 jettas that where sold with a 6cylinder 2.8 motor. I work at a used car lot so I get major discounts on labor and some on parts depending. I wanted to know if it was...
  4. VR6 Motor and Trans FOR SALE CHEAP

    For Sale - Parts
    For Sale 1996 2.8 Liter 12 Valve VR6 Motor and Transmission Engine Code "AAA" Was pulled at 130,XXX and ran great it still has compression it is sitting in my garage waiting for a buyer. I am asking 400 o.b.o. for everything. I was originally planning on doing a Vr swap myself but I am now...