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  1. 2008 VW Passat VR6 4Motion ACC Fault

    Midwestern US
    Hello, I recently purchased a VW Passat (AWD, 3.6l VR6). It was equipped with the VW Adaptive Cruise control, which the dealership I purchased it from informed me wasn't working. After further investigation I'm beginning to realize that this is likely going to cause other issues within the cars...
  2. looking to get a 2000 passat glx. wanna hear some feedback.

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I've found a 2000 Passat GLX 4motion with 137,000 miles on it. it's pretty much fully loaded except navigation. The interior and exterior are in amazing condition, and the seats have no cracks in the leather, and barely any visible wear. I'm just somewhat hesitant. Read some consumer reviews and...
  3. VW/Audi All Wheel Drive Easily Handles Blizzard Conditions. Amazing!

    I found this video of an Audi A4 absolutely plowing through 14 inches of snow. This demonstrates the effectiveness of VW's 4motion / Audi Quattro in adverse conditions. I was amazed when I saw this! Here is the video that I found: Audi A4 Snow Drifting After Blizzard January 2011. | Ultimate...
  4. Passat Wagons V6 vs. V6 4Motion

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    New to the forum and VW. In the market for a used Passat wagon, 03 or 04. Researching the differences between the GLX V6 and the GLX 4Motion. The curb weight for the AWD is about 230 lbs heavier. Is the suspension or ride height beefed on the AWD? What are the three most important things to look...