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  1. MK3 2.0 partout leftovers and random vr partsCHEAP!!!

    For Sale - Parts
    As the title states i have a few parts leftover and they need to go. All prices are OBO so PLEASE feel free to make an offer prices do NOT include shipping. For faster response you can text me @ 413-561-5099 Thanks for looking 2.0 5 speed ECU code 037906259AA $35 Small crack (on the...
  2. What are some mods that can easily be done to Jettas?

    I just bought a 1995 5 speed Jetta GL. I like the car and all but.... the thing is slower then my go kart. What are some quick and easy things to do to this car to make it faster? It's all stock and i'm looking to make it faster but don't really know where I should start. Does anyone have any...
  3. Parting out red 95 jetta glx vr6

    For Sale - Parts
    OK...I Loved this car, but i APPARENTLY spun a bearing...i was going to buy a used motor ($1200) but Herr Schmidts VW wanted $2000 to swap out. Well i paid less than $3200 for the car so no go. THE INTERIOR IS NEARLY FLAWLESS. Black leather has been WELL maintained and all components work...even...