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97 jetta
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  1. Canada
    hi guys, I have a 97 jetta that has an intermittent o2 sensor which gives me an engine light on and off while on the highway. So when I went to check the o2 sensors there is only an upstream sensor. is this normal? the car was manufactured in Mexico. I believe it should have 2 and there is no...
  2. MK3
    Hello all, newbie here...I have searched through the past threads on the subject but cant get a definitive answer to the problem we are having with our 97 Jetta GLS Basically the alarm goes off after driving and opening the door. The alarm seems to 'arm' itself when we are driving the car. I...
  3. MK3
    When I am driving and have the A/C on, it blows frosty cold... for a while. Then the compressor disengages. It will not reengage, even though the pressure gets up to over 80 psi on the low side. If the vehicle sits for a while after shutting it off, without doing anything other than shutting...
1-3 of 3 Results