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  1. 100k maintenance Reccomendation

    About to hit 100k on my 01 Gti Vr6. I just got my car about a year ago and want to make sure i get the most lifespan out of it since i plan to keep it for some time. Any list of recommendations to do at 100k is much appreciated! Side Note: also got it w the abs, asr, and brake light on the...
  2. Power steering calibration Not working, ESP error in ABS module

    Other Models
    Hello people, how are you? This is my first post and english is not my native language, so i'm open to suggestions and corrections. Let's start with my car: Its a Volkswagen Up! 2017 and had some (small) damage at the front of the car, replaced components like Bumper and steer-airbag. The...
  3. hey new mk4 owner

    i have been reading the forum for last two weeks love all the pics great diy area but now i need some help so i will start from the top ok thanks ahead of time pics will come soon bought 2003 golf 2.0 manual black 5dr. guy was asking $1700 i paid $1000 it came working. ish on the way home...
  4. 01 Jetta - ABS & Brake light flash

    I have an ongoing problem with my 2001 Jetta GL. Whenever I step on the brake or turn on the heater, or roll up the window or anything that pulls power, my lights dim momentarily. I realize that is common, but it is a noticeable amount of dimming. Also, I can sometimes cause enough load, like...
  5. 1995 Cabrio brake problem

    I'm having a problem with the brake on my 1995 Cabrio. The brakes have very low pedal pressure to the point where is will not stop the car. Pads and calipers are good, and have been bled. The shop tells me I need a new brake hydraulic module. Apparently mine has become contaminated with...
  6. speed sensor

    I changed both front wheel speed sensors on my 00 gti vr6 today. I can start the fine with no lights but as I reach 15 mph both the traction control and abs light come back. before I changed them the light was on.constantly. please help.in tired of looking at a Christmas tree on my dash
  7. ABS Light, Air Bag Light, Correlation?

    Howdy. About 1 month ago I posted about my ABS light being on as well as my Air Bag Light. Needless to say I knew I needed to change my brakes. I did so last night, and with hope that this would solve 1 or 2 of the issues, they both still persist. I even disconnected the negative battery...
  8. Disable ABS on MK4?

    Having raced karts and dirtbikes for years, I'm not inexperienced in how to recover from the front wheel(s) locking up momentarily in a turn. That said, I just started racing solo2 in my son's MK4 gti and when the ABS kicks in, the system doesn't allow for the driver to release the pedal a bit...
  9. Multiple problems any help is appreciated.

    VW Beetle 2001 1.8t AWM w/APR software Problem 1: So the other day I start to pull out of a driveway and my nephew say, "Hey I forgot something." So I stick it in reverse and floor it. I hit probably around 25mph and it gets a little squirrely (steering wheel goes back and forth a bit). then...
  10. abs and traction control warning lights- help

    Vans & Transporters
    Hi, My VW transporter has an intermittent problem: the ABS and traction control warning lights come on with ignition (with the stop light). I've taken it to 3 garages now- each time they check diagnostics- nothing shows up and they reset the system, which works for a bit, then it comes back. It...
  11. Passat issues all over the board

    My Girlfriend has an 02 Passat GLX. It sat for a while and the battery went dead. The alternator went bad too. There was a security device wired in to the main electrical harness that went bad and kept shutting off the car and drained the battery while the car was off. Had a buddy put in a...