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  1. 68 VW Baja Bug - San Luis Obispo, CA area - Need Independent Mechanic

    New to the forum, but I've been a VW owner for 5 years now. The VW in question is my first car, a VW Baja Bug, 1600cc Air Cooled Engine. I'm hoping to find an independent mechanic in the San Luis Obispo area willing to work on it for cash. Realized I was having clutch issues a month ago and got...
  2. Air conditioning in vw bug 1200cc?

    i wanted to install an air conditioning unit in my vw bug. cause i live in a hot climate. but unfortunately my engine is a 1200 cc engine. i heard that the engine wont last very long and may break because its such a heavy load in the 1200 engine. i dont want to get rid of it though... i cant...
  3. how to make vw bug 1971 lighter?

    hey, i wanted to find ways to make the car lighter. could someone give me tips in what i could do?
  4. 1600cc over heating slows down and dies

    hi. i have a 71 type 1 1600 cc stock motor..things i did before this problem occured..i put all new gaskets on..set points..adjusted vavles..set timeing new plugs and wires.. now after putting motor back in car would not idle and it would drive fine in town but got it on the highway and the car...