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airbag light

  1. Airbag Light due to seat belt sensor

    I have the airbag warning light and the dealer told me the problem was my driver's side seatbelt sensor ($400 to repair). I've read the several threads on this topic in this forum already but have a couple of questions in case anyone can help me. Does anyone know if there are two sensors in the...
  2. 2000 Passat Air Bag Light Vag-com

    Hi, I just recently purchased Vag-Com and I am still figuring out the software. I have an airbag light on and I am trying to figure out where in the software I can find out the code for the airbag light. Is there somewhere else I connect the cord to for the airbag or is it the same place where I...
  3. '97 Jetta airbag light won't go off after replacing ignition lock cylinder

    Hey folks, I am very new here but I thought that this would be the best spot to get an answer to my problem. My ignition lock cylinder went out on my 1997 Jetta and I took it on myself to make the repair myself after seeing a fantastic picture tutorial on disassembling the steering column here...