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  1. Reflash SRS (Airbag) control module via OBD2 connector?

    2011 GTI, but question is general. Pretty specialized question, but I'm hoping there's a service expert that might know: Can the SRS (Airbag) Control Module be updated/reflashed via the OBD connector to a later firmware version by a dealer with specialized equipment? Not just clear DTCs...
  2. Audis, VWs recalled for airbag defects, coolant-pump fire risks

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Volkswagen AG is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars and SUVs in the U.S., almost all of them Audi models, to fix two airbag defects and coolant pumps that may overheat and cause fires.
  3. Check Engine Light/Code & Airbag Light/Code

    Hiya, I had my check engine light on and my airbag light was lit on my 1997 VW Golf "Jazz." My ex-boyfriends friend came by with a code reader, and said this is what I have on: * 16795 (P0411) Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected * 00588 - Airbag Igniter: Driver Side...
  4. Two questions about repairing my Golf

    I'll have to preface my post by saying I know next to nothing about cars, so please go easy on me. Anyway, I got my 2002 Golf about six months ago, and it has been running pretty well. All I had to do so far was get the thermostat replaced (after a little run-in with cold weather in Fargo!) and...
  5. Pillar Trim with Side Airbags

    I've read a few posts about removing the headliner but they all say that the car did not have side curtain airbags. My Jetta does have airbags. I purchased a T10078 trim removal tool from VW but I can't find any instructions on how or where to place the tool to remove the pillar trim. I've...