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  1. (Shark Fin) Antenna question

    Hi all, I have a 2002 Jetta at my parent's place and the FM tuner has gone out (AM still works, cd still functions)... at first I thought I needed to replace the antenna as well but the audio shop I went to said it was just the FM tuner... Anyway, so I started to wonder... Is it possible to...
  2. Sony Receiver, No FM/AM Radio - Antenna Adapter?

    Hey everyone, I recently replaced my stock receiver in my 01 Jetta with a Sony CDX-GT440U. The audio playback works fine when using the auxiliary source input so I know that the receiver works. I can't get the radio to work though and that's where I'm puzzled. The manual and diagrams that...
  3. 2002 Passat Wagon - bits and pieces

    For Sale - Parts
    I am selling parts of my 2002 Passat Wagon - engine blew out and I am not putting another penny into this lemon... -- Retractable storage cover in cargo area - black, like new, never used, stored in closet in non-smoking home -- Antenna, screw on piece $5.00 -- Floor mats, heavy duty...
  4. antenna mast installation on '01 GTI 1.8T Hatchback

    Can anyone please tell me how to install a new antenna mast on my 2001 GTI Hatchback? The radio works, there's nothing wrong with the wiring. The problem is the mount cracked. I know that I will need to remove the old one and install the new one by bolting down. How do I get between the...