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  1. For Sale - Vehicles
    Car is in great shape has 45,500 miles. 2 door with sunroof and manual transmission. Has APR Stage 1 ECU uprade. $17,000 if interested please call (704) 881-2508
  2. MK5
    Just Got my 2010 Jetta 2.0T Wolfsburg Tuned (Stage I) by and APR distributor here in Houston. The difference is Night & Day. I was at 110 on the highway and still pulling like i was going 60. Very Fun. Won't make it a habit driving like that, but you know I just had to do it to make sure...
  3. MK4
    looking for some opinions, i just got my car tuned and i know the dv valve starts to fail, but i really wanna drop it, cant make up my mind, dv now drop later? drop now dv later? how much longer till the dv fails usually? and what does it do if it does? turbo just spinns and air goes right out?
  4. MK4
    i got my chip today and between 2000 and 3000 rpms the engine sputters 3 times (only if you punch in the gas) it feels like that uneasy traction control feeling except its not at the wheels and its freaking me out. anyone have any ideas?
  5. MK4
    two hour and a half rides = 25$ in gas one apr burn on my 1.8 = 540.79$ fill syntc oil change = 65$ 93 oct gas for life -630.79$ and happier then ever
  6. MK4
    so i have a appt tmrw to get my 1.8 flashed(apr) and im looking on getting new hoses and diverter valve as well. can anyone tell me if their is a up side to getting the forge dv/bov ESE Tuning - Forge Motorsport - Splitter - Blow Off Valve & Diverter Valve - Polished compared to the apr R1? or a...
  7. MK4
    i was just wondering before i go with a apr down pipe for al lthis money if their is any alternatives? i have found some others but im not sure if they will flex from tq and power im just looking for something not as expensive but not shitty as well thanks mkiv
  8. MK4
    hey guys, i just got around 800$ and im wondering what i should do first, bring my gti1.8t down to apr to get the notorious ecu upgrade or go with the eurosport fmic? what will do me the best? or any other suggestions as to upgrades? for the money? that would do the best for performance? all i...
1-8 of 8 Results