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  1. Picture of the month VOTING POLL! GTImotorsports.com HOLIDAY EDITION!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Vote for your favorite! Here are the participants. 1. nikk13019: 2. Pssst...passed you: 3. Bryanboley: 4. tom5191: 5. TTTurbo1.8T: 6. 1.8turbooo: Remember this is for big prizes and swag from GTIMotorsports.com Remember, everyone get's ONE vote so make it count! From all of...
  2. What would you do for a VW? You gotta look at this video!

    The Xtras
    This guy looked at a VW for 24 h non-stop to try to win it! It's a dum idea but the result is really cool and the video is really well done. the other videos suck, I hope this guy gets it! website is in french but you can still watch the video. Concours J'ai ta Jetta avec Volkswagen...
  3. Inaugural GTImotorsports.com Pic of the Month Contest!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    GTImotorsports.com in conjunction with VWforum is proud to present: The Inaugural GTImotorsports.com Pic of the Month Contest! There are only a few rules and regulations: 1.Please only post pictures of your vehicle that you legally own. All other pictures will be deleted, local dubbers or...