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  1. Passat
    If i buy an HID kit will my 03 (B5.5) passat need a canceller? cuz I don't wanna pay $20 extra for no reason.
  2. Passat
    i noticed some GPS systems with the measurments needed to fit, but some were labeled for b5 models and my passat is b5.5. i owned both they seem similar as far as measurments, but im guessing its wiring? ex: would my stiring wheel controls work with a GPS system? if u know where i could find GPS...
  3. Passat
    so everyone i asked gave me a different answer and most sounded sure. and yes i tried researching it but it came up with different results. so basically, one says "its antifreeze, u can mix" another says "just make sure its the same color antifreeze" and another says "certain cars get certain...
  4. Passat
    i have an 03 passat and im leaning towards the 04 passat side mirrors because of the binkers. but my question is IF the 04 mirrors would work for the 03 passat, if i wire it? both passat's are the same model (b5.5) so it should fit. i doubt only cuz the wiring would be different, so i would have...
1-4 of 4 Results