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  1. 2012 Touraeg automatic liftgate truck won't open/close after battery replacement

    Hello everyone, my 2012 Touraeg v6 battery died on me so I replaced it with one from the dealer. Everything works except for the automatic trunk liftgate. doesn't matter whether I use the button on the driver door, remote ctrl or the tailgate itself... it will unlatch/latch the lock but wont...
  2. Battery Drain and Door Lock Problem Solved!

    Hi there fellow VW enthusiasts! I recently acquired a pretty nice 2000 GTI with a tuned and souped up VR6. I bought it knowing that it had a battery drain problem, but had no clue as to what was going on. I tried pulling fuses and checking relays and checking for lights that were still on, but...
  3. Battery/Electrical problem?

    Can't get my 1998 VW Golf started. The digital display of my car's mileage and the time of day reads perfectly as it always does when the car isn't running. I turn the ignition and get nothing whatsoever from the engine. However, the gauges move slightly and some display indicators flash...
  4. Sqeekynoise, burningsmell, radioweirdness total failure, side of road, nice evening.

    1) So a belt/pulley type sqeaking noise started early this week on startup on my car -Once up to 4th or 5th gear the noise would disapper instantly. Of course I had no time to mess with it. -First mistake 2)Next a slight electrical burning smell started getting into the cabin at a stand still...
  5. Dead Battery

    Good day, In August we bought a new Routan on a Thursday evening and by Sunday morning the battery was dead. Ok the kids must have played with the doors etc, charge battery and drives fine. Monday morning battery is dead, so we take it back to the dealership. Radio/GPS system replaced - still...
  6. Electrical Problem??

    I recently bought a 98 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I had to replace the starter switch and the battery. I am just wondering if its just my Jetta but even when the car is off the radio can be turned on. Does this happen on everyones Jetta or is it just mine?
  7. 2003 vr6 electical problems!? help asap please

    Hey everyone brand new to the forums hopefully someone here will tell me whats going on with my car. I recently bought a 2003 gti vr6 with some mod cold air, magnaflow cat back, coil overs. Overall pretty satisfied with the performance of the car but the guy i bought from decided to lie about...
  8. Key fob not working with new batteries

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Today I replaced the batteries in the keyfob for my 2000 Golf GLS. I had previously removed the old batteries to check the type and put them back in with no problems. I put new batteries in today and the fob won't work. Put the old ones back in, switched back and forth, still nothing...
  9. MORE Alternator Issues....

    I have been having alternator issues and thought they were solved....but then again, thats what I get for thinking! 2002 Jetta 1.8t, 75k miles I was driving the car when all of a sudden the battery stopped charging. The alternator was bad, the pulley had seized up, and it needed to be...
  10. Battery always dead

    i have an 1989 jetta and for some reason something is draining the battery and every morning the battery is dead i was told it could be a relay, anyone know why? thanks :-)
  11. might have electrical problems

    Ok so i drive a 2003 Jetta GLI VR6 and the battery keeps dieing. It only has 74300 miles on it. I jump the car off and it runs fine but then i turn it off and start it again and the battery is almost dead again. i have had the alternator tested and it is working properly. also i have noticed...
  12. trouble starting my car

    hey, i am having trouble starting my 98 golf. here's the deal: i was driving and came up to what i thought was a small puddle covering the road. however, the puddle turned out to be quite deep. as i made it through the puddle my car died and would not start again. 4 days later the car will...