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  1. Loopy idle, sometimes dies

    I had just got done doing every seal in my car. Head, and all that has been done. Complete with porting out the intake and exhaust on the head as well. When I got it all back together I went and had my computer reset. When I did it showed an "EVAP" code. Once cleared, the code came right...
  2. 93 Golf Was Bogging Now Not Starting

    I have a 1993 MK3 that I just bought about two weeks ago. I have a wide range of knowledge of cars but am completely new to VWs so I'm a tad lost. I know my o2 sensor needs to be replaced. The car was bogging really bad at low RPMs. I cleaned the master air flow sensor and that helped bring...
  3. "built" 87 1.8 having acceleration/fuel issues

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi, I have an 87 Golf with a 1.8 SOHC, that had been built about 6 years ago. Im not sure exactly what all they did to it, as I was not the owner then, but I think they did some head work, camshaft, bored, header, etc. The car is really strong, probably pulls 3 times harder than my buddies Jetta...