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  1. FS: Forge Splitter BOV/DV for MKIV 1.8t

    For Sale - Parts
    Forge Splitter Valve. Only used 6 months. Going back stock and want to sell. $140obo
  2. Assistance installing DV/BOV on 337

    Hey mates! I've got a bit of a problem.. I emailed a guy at Turbosmart about whether or not their Turbosmart Dual Kompact would fit on my 2002 GTI 337. The guy said yes so I went ahead and bought it. I'm a bit confused as to how to install it. The part looks like this: Here's what my engine...
  3. My GF said I fix up her 07 GTI plz help!

    So if you read my new member post You will know more about what is going on She has an 07 gti I know about cars and turbos but nothing about VW. I want to give it some power but dont no where to start maybe some cool stickers?? JK :) Things I would like to know: Good Sites, Free mods that dont...
  4. BOV instal help?

    what do I need to instal my greddy bov to my charge pipe and where do i connect both the nipples to recirculate it? pics would help alot. If your just going to tell me to buy a dv dont bother i already know, if its recirculated it works the exact same, i got it for 40 bucks from a friend thats...