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  1. 2015 Passat Stainless steel brake lines

    Its about time i did a brake job on my 2015 passat 1.8, I am look at the power stop rotors and ceramic pads on Amazon. I am also interested in upgrading the brake lines while I'm at it. Does anyone know if the front lines are already stainless steel or just rubber lines ? I can only seem to find...
  2. Elusive brake booster tool

    My 2004 Jetta has a major vacuum leak from the brake booster. The tool to remove it is about $60 on Amazon so I was wondering if anyone had the tool and could give me some measurements so I can make my own.
  3. vagcom help please

    my friend has a cheap code clearing vag but it wont pump abs air out do i need i new $1000 computer part to fix my brakes changed master cylinder after it leaked into my booster. how much would dealer charge to bleed brakes/ will normal shops have this tool or is it vw/audi only? is vcds same as...
  4. Mk3 Golf Stock and Performance Parts

    For Sale - Parts
    I've got a few performance parts for a 1995 VW Golf 2.0 ABA engine. I have a brand new Magnaflow exhaust, brand new H&R cup kit suspension system, slightly used ECS drilled and slotted discs, and slightly used racing front pads (still 99% of their life left). I also have the stock alloy wheels...
  5. brake swap

    im looking to swap my drum brakes in the rear of my car any suggestions on brands?
  6. 1995 Cabrio brake problem

    I'm having a problem with the brake on my 1995 Cabrio. The brakes have very low pedal pressure to the point where is will not stop the car. Pads and calipers are good, and have been bled. The shop tells me I need a new brake hydraulic module. Apparently mine has become contaminated with...
  7. Transmission problems?

    I have a 2000 jetta tdi. i have been having problems keeping the revs to stay where there suppose to be. ill have it in cruise control at 50km and the revs will slowly bounce up and down. it stops jumping around after i go over 100km. any ideas? and today i put it in reverse and had foot on...
  8. Suspension issues: "Bottoming Out, Body Roll" - 2003 GTI 1.8T

    My car is about to hit 70k on the engine and I'm noticing a bit more "Body Roll" than usual. Also the front right of the car seems to be bottoming out... especially over speed bumps. Even when I back out of my garage (concrete drop-off of about 2in. to driveway) I can feel/hear the...
  9. Dragging noise when foot off accelerator

    Hi there, I have recently bought myself a VW Golf SE 1.6. I am already having some problems. I noticed as i was driving it home, when i take my foot off the accelerator, it makes this dragging sound, like something is dragging on the ground, as it also feels like its slowing the car down. When...
  10. 06 Jetta - BAD BRAKES

    I have a 06 Jetta 2.5 Value Edition. It has 81,000 miles on it. My brakes are bad. At first they were squealing, then starting grinding. Now, the dont squeal or grind, I just hear it scraping.... I procrastinated getting them fixed, cuz I was out of work for 8 months, and I just started working...
  11. Planning to do the brakes

    Hi I am planning to do the brakes with new front and rear pads, rotors and parking cables on my 94 jetta. I am reading the bentley manual and it shows a tool required to reset the park brake system after changing pads. I was wondering if this was required or if an alternate way of doing it is...
  12. What brake pads should I get?

    Wheels & Tires
    Bought some $hitty brake pads from reybestos and i’m tired of cleaning off my rims every week. Looks like crap. Any good and cheap pads out there? I was looking at Hawk and Ebc but haven’t ever bought any. Found a coupon for discbrakepads.net (brakesale-0930-2010) but they seem to only sell...
  13. Series of unfortunate events?

    Im going to try to explain this with as few words as possible. I have a 2000 VW Jetta GLS 2.0. I was in the process of replacing my brake pads all the way around(got the back two done) when I decided to have my A/C checked because I was having issues with the A/C not working so I took it to a...
  14. Jetta to Audi TT front rotors DIY

    Hello everyone! I did my front rotors today so I figured I would do a DIY. Instead of stock rotors I got the Audi TT rotors and carries from ECStuning. I already did pads earlier so that's why you won't see a pad portion in this. Tools for the job: Brake Cleaner 7 mm Hex Socket 21mm socket...
  15. Problems bleeding MkIV Golf Brakes - No pedal with engine on?

    Am having problems getting brake pedal back after replacing rear pads on 2000 model Golf V5. I accidently let fluid drain out as didn't clamp off properly when had to take caliper off (it was seized). Have bled all corners (several times), each time the pedal comes up and is fine until I start...
  16. Passat issues all over the board

    My Girlfriend has an 02 Passat GLX. It sat for a while and the battery went dead. The alternator went bad too. There was a security device wired in to the main electrical harness that went bad and kept shutting off the car and drained the battery while the car was off. Had a buddy put in a...
  17. Need help with my 1996 VW GTI VR6

    Ok, I bought this car two days ago. Besides an oil leak (that started at the oil pressure sender apparently, everything was fine. I am having a few minor problems though, and if I could get some help I would really appreciate it. First, the speedometer and tachometer only work 10 percent of...