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  1. Turbo install

    Eastern US
    what is the best economical fuel management system to put into my 95 2.0 with a t4 turbo?
  2. 92 cabriolet Super nice condition

    For Sale - Vehicles
    This is a very nice cab in great working and running condition. Car is rust free with super nice paint. Everything works including power windows. Top is very good as well. Has been lowered with nice struts and wheels. 5 speed. Car is in Orangebeach, AL but is from Kansas 970-903-2156
  3. Electrical (Lights, Wipers, Fan) only work when I turn key, not when engine turns ove

    Hi All, I have a 99 Cabrio Manual Trans (older model from that year) and have recently had a problem with lights, AC Fan and wiper suddenly going out on me. Then I noticed it is also the fan! They do work when the engine is NOT turned over and I just switch the key clockwise and hold it. They...
  4. Need help not getting F'ed over by a mechanic

    So my car wont get above 30mph and has just about no power, almost couldnt drive out of my lawn when i had to drive across it and it was dry. Its an 01 cabrio So heres what i think the problem is - timing is off, and catalytic converter is clogged or something is wrong with it. Do you think...
  5. 2001 Volkswagen cabrio code P0341 help please

    Hello all, i have been having a lot of trouble lately with my vw and dont want to see it go. Here is what is happening, i have a obdII code reader and get code P0341 and then its been mild temperatures the last few days and every once and a while my car when slowing down then reaccelerating it...
  6. 1987 VW Cabrio Low miles

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Hi Folks, I have a 1987 Cabrio with only 67k miles, runs great and has original paint. Automatic transmission and AC actually works! I'm going to sell it and I'm trying to get an idea of what my asking price should be. Here are some photos:
  7. Replacing Oxygen Sensor - 1995 VW Cabrio

    Hey Folks, I have recently had a stint of low MPG on my 1995 VW Cabriolet. The vehicle has the following noted items: Recently cleaned the MAF with CRC SensorKleen 226 000 km/Odometer Reading Changed Spark Plugs 100km's Ago (G-Power - NGK) No signs of difficulty accelerating or unsteady idle...
  8. 1995 Cabrio Rough Idle When Hot

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with my '95 VW Cabrio's idle. The car starts perfectly, and while it's still cold the engine rests at about 900 rpm, but about 1-2 minutes later something in the car reaches temperature and pulls the engine idle speed down to a rough 600 rpm with the A/C on, and the...
  9. 2002 Cabrio Door Panel Removal

    Can someone advise me how to remove the interior door panel on a 2002 Cabrio? I have removed the torx screws around the 2 side and bottom edges, have removed the speaker and am now at a stopping point. Looks like the center rubber section that houses the door handle, mirror controls, and front...
  10. '02 Cabrio Starts Then Stalls

    My wife's car will start, and drive until it warms up. Suddenly it will stall. If you try to restart it, it starts right up, runs for a few seconds, then stalls. Engine speed makes no difference. I'm thinking it has to be a sensor, but there are no DTCs. Any hints as to where to start? Some...
  11. 2002 Cabrio Spark Plug Wire Replacement

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  12. 2000 VW Passat

    Hi, my names Kim I have a 2000 VW Passat.. About a month and a half ago it randomly wouldnt start, it was turning over but just wouldnt fire up. Its the the battery because everything else worked.. It ended up starting after a few minutes. And its done this again about 5 times. Nothing else...
  13. MKIII Cabrio (Great Project Car)

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I have for sale a 1998 2.0L Cabby GLS. She's red w/ a black top, and 99,800miles. I recently put new tires on her, and changed out that pesky ignition switch. I've got most of the bugs worked out of her, but I can't afford to keep her as I'm about to be laid off. :( (bummer) Anyway, I'm not...
  14. What is wrong with my instrument cluster? '97 Cabrio

    Hi VW experts! I have a '97 VW Cabrio and am currentely trying to keep it alive, while hopefully bringing it back to original(ish) condition. I have a question regarding my instrument cluster. The non-working aspects are the speedometer, tachometer, fuel, odometer and temperature. The clock...
  15. ?'s about '97 cabrio

    I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me out with some questions regarding my '07 cabrio. I have a '97 cabrio. I'm looking to replace my seats as they are seriously worn. I got the car as a teenager and didn't take great care of them. I love the car and want to keep it for as...
  16. Cabrio Misfire problem

    ok so i was driving my 1996 cabrio and it was misfiring and the check engine light was flashing and it sounded like it was going to shut off. i got the light checked and they said random multiple misfire. i changed the coil and distributor cap but neither have worked. the plugs and wires are...
  17. Idle Air Control Valve location

    Can anyone please tell me where my IACV is located on the engine of my 1999 Cabrio, and how to clean it?
  18. 1987 VW Cabrio Engine Mount Upside down??

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 1987 VW Cabrio in pretty good condition (65k miles). the inside of the car runs a little rough and appeared to be an engine mount or transmission mount problem because the vibrations were coming into the car.... The Engine mounts looked but the tranny mounts appeared worn, so I rather...