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  1. 92 cabriolet Super nice condition

    For Sale - Vehicles
    This is a very nice cab in great working and running condition. Car is rust free with super nice paint. Everything works including power windows. Top is very good as well. Has been lowered with nice struts and wheels. 5 speed. Car is in Orangebeach, AL but is from Kansas 970-903-2156
  2. Mechanic Damaged Body - Recommendations?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello, I have an 88 Golf Cabriolet that I recently purchased and brought into a local shop that specializes in VWs for some minor work and an overall inspection. I had never been to this shop before but it came recommended to me from a couple people in town. Usually I go to a place in a town...
  3. mk4 cabrio -very clean interior

    For Sale - Parts
    I am upgrading the interior and want to sell the original dark grey. The car has 61k miles but very little wear on seats. Drivers side door card a little scuffed. Priced to sell at € 250.00 :):K:
  4. 1998 Cabrio - Karmann Edition for sale

    For Sale - Vehicles
    - $2800 (cash) - Automatic with appx 126K miles - Registration is current - Recently tuned up; have put quite a bit of $ into reviving her. All paperwork is in glove compartment, including most oil changes. Have manual, too. - New headlights - Front tires less than 2 years old - Power windows -...
  5. 87 VW Cabriolet Top

    For Sale - Parts
    Im looking to replace my '87 Cabriolet top. The one that is on there now, is the original top and unfortunately to previous owner didnt take good care of the top. I am looking for someone in Oregon who has a spare or knows of a "Pull-Yard" where I may find one. Thanks for your help.
  6. '88 Golf Cabriolet

    I purchased a 1988 Golf Cabriolet for $500, pics soon, and it has a few problems. It is a European model, which makes sense as I am in Germany. The roof needs to be replaced, and there is an interesting problem with the engine. There is blowback as there is oil on the air filter, the engine...
  7. 2000 VW Passat

    Hi, my names Kim I have a 2000 VW Passat.. About a month and a half ago it randomly wouldnt start, it was turning over but just wouldnt fire up. Its the the battery because everything else worked.. It ended up starting after a few minutes. And its done this again about 5 times. Nothing else...
  8. vw cabriolet gear problems

    i have had my vw cabriolet for 8 months now and i been having a really hard time with the changing of the gears especially 1st and reverse they keep telling me is common problem in these cars but i dont know how to fix it can any body tell me or show me a link on how to fix it