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  1. 1981 VW rabbit caddy pickup! with camper shell, <80k miles

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    car has been sold!
  2. WANTED : Mk1 Caddy Slammed Project/Complete

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    Hey guys Just joined this site after using vwcaddy forum a lot. I am just waiting for confirmation for my first car - mk6 Polo. But I am searching really hard to have a classic toy, a mk1 caddy. I would love one that is mechanically prefect and not so good on exterior rather than brilliant...
  3. What engine works in a MK 1?

    Haven't owned a VW since the late 60's. Just ended a 20 year relationship with Mercedes diesels. Acquired an '80 1.5l and an '81 1.6l Rabbit Pickup. Between the two got the '81 going. Getting only 32MPG and about 500-700 miles to the quart of oil. Would like to get an engine with a little more...