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  1. P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - VW 2010 SportWagon 2.5L

    Hey everybody. New here to the group. First time MK6 owner, long time VW owner. Recently picked up a 2010 Sportwagon with the 2.5L gas. I bought the car about a week ago to replace an 08 City Golf that was totaled in an accident. Well after a week of ownership I'm having issues with the engine...
  2. Camshaft Sensor/Distributor problem, 98 Jetta

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 98 Jetta. When I first got it I did a diagnostic and the only code that came up was a misfire for one of the spark plugs. The car stalled out on me 3 times over the last 4 months, I first attributed this to overheating/coolant system because my levels were low but I had my radiator...
  3. AutoTech 270 Cam FYI

    Hey folks, I just installed an Autotech 270 Cam in my 8v 2L MK3 (1995 golf). I had to replace the head gasket so I figured "Why dont I put a bigger cam in" (Makes perfect sense right?) the power gains are nice, gas milage is slightly less. Havent done a calc yet but will update when I find...
  4. P0341 Problem

    2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T just shy of 90000 miles. Setting the P0341 code when starting. Car does not want to start on the first try or second or sometimes the 3rd. And I think that when it feels like the 4th and 5th just because it can. No set order to the number of times it is very random...
  5. 1983 golf mk2 fitments?

    i just got a hold of a mk1 for dirt cheap , tryna get it running, but for future reference, does anyone know if they're any parts on an mk2 that would fit an mk1? whether its headers, tranny's, camshafts distributor, injectors?? that would fit on an 8v 1.8? your advice is greatly apprectiated:K:
  6. Mk5 2004 golf fsi vibration and rough idle

    Hi Guys, I have a mk 5 2004 1.6 Golf FSI that has done 65000. Recently there has been an exhaust like vibrating noise which sounds like its coming from the gearbox when driven from cold. This almost goes when it reaches operating temperature. The idle is extremeley rough at all...